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Grant access to FB Ads Manager 

1.  Press Play
2.  Enter Business Manager ID: 522638404832674
3.  Go to the next step
4.  Need help? Email
Upgrade your Social Seller Accelerator Experience w/1 hr Facebook Ad Coaching & Strategy Session


  • 6 LIVE Lessons:  There are prerecorded lessons, but there are also LIVE lessons to give you an opportunity to ask questions about what's being taught.

  • 6 LIVE Q&A Sessions:  Bring all of your questions and scenarios so that I can help you strategize and set up your next steps.

  • Facebook Community: For 24-hour support and to have your Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads Audited.

  • Tools: Receive an Ads Tracking Dashboard, templates, workbooks, swipe files, and homework to reinforce the lessons and strategies being taught.

  • Hand Holding:  I'll be right be side you to help you understand all pieces of the setup and to implement everything you've been taught.

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Sharandra, Blogger

She delivered exactly what I had in mind as well as add in a few suggestions that I hadn't thought of. She's a blessing to small business owners who want to make huge impact through social media.

Taneka Hayes pic.jpg

Taneaka, Financial Consultant

Glynda helped me create a system. Improved the quality of my brand, and I hire her on a consistent basis. 5 Stars


Maya, Brand Strategist

The strategy calls were really helpful. It was cool to see that if I put money in that money would come back to me. If you need a great Facebook Ads Manager who has knowledge of industry numbers...I suggest Glynda.

Thank  you!

I am Glynda!  I've spent tons of money and time learning how to help business owners generate consistent and qualified leads with Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Social Media.

I love helping business owners with this.

I want to help you do the same!

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