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Done with You

A complete Social Media, Facebook and Instagram Ad, and Email Marketing strategy, planned, prepared, and executed, all completed in a 8-weeks


This is all of the components of the Done for You service except it's all executed by you in 8 weeks.  Here we work together with biweekly calls to plan and prepare a strategy for your Social Media Management, Facebook and Instagram Ads, or Email Marketing to be executed by you.

This is how we work


You complete a questionnaire about your business social media or digital marketing needs and provide some of the following:  your social media handles, Facebook Ads Account number, goals, and metrics.  This allows me to do two thing:  1. It jump starts your mind about what your business is actually lacking in the digital marketing arena.  2. It provides me much needed insight on where your gaps are in your marketing strategy.  


60 Minute Zoom Kickoff Call 

During this call we will review your answers to the prep work and we will get super specific on where your gaps are.  Then create a To Do List for you to match those gaps.  You will "walk away" knowing exactly what your next steps are. If knowledge is lacking we will setup of learning goals.


Biweekly we will have a 30 minute call to check in on the progress of the project and track the statistics of your project.  You will also have 24 hour email access to me.

This is for you...

  • If you are ready to increase engagement on your Social Media platforms and you would like to handle it on your own.

  • You find Social Media, Email Marketing, or Facebook and Instagram Ads interesting and the tech doesn't care, but you're not sure of the actual strategies required in order to turn your followers into cash.

  • You are a pro at Social Media, Email Marketing, or Facebook and Instagram Ads, but you are having a hard time connecting all the dots to make this into a profitable business for yourself.

  • You are a freelancer or service provider and you want to increase your knowledge on Social Media Management or running Facebook and Instagram Ads.

  • You're ready to grow your Email List, but you're not sure what to say in your emails or newsletters.

  • *Price is $975.

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