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Discovery Call

A one-time call for you to get to know me and for me to get to know where the gap is between your current process and goal.     


The Discovery Call is just that.  A virtual, complimentary call for us to become familiar with each other and to determine if my company is a best fit to assist you.  Sometimes in order to determine the next best path in our business it takes someone from the outside looking in to get down to the route of the issues causing you to not meet your goals.

This is how we work


Before you can actually schedule this call you have to answer a series of questions that do two things:  1. It gets your mind going about what your business is actually lacking in the digital marketing arena.  2. It provides me much needed insight on where your gaps are.


45 Minute Zoom Call 

During this complimentary call we will review your answers to the prep work and we will get super specific on where your gaps are.  You will "walk away" knowing exactly what solutions my business can provide.

This is for You

  • If you are struggling with determining the "right" things to post on Social Media to attract your ideal clients. 

  • If you have a proven product or service, but you cannot seem to get the attention or locate your ideal clients online.

  • If you have spent money on Facebook and Instagram Ads and yielded no return, no one has purchased your products or services or opted in for your lead magnets or freebies.

  • If you have a proven product and feel that you are doing all the "right" things on social media, but you desire to have a greater impact with your ideal client and you need clarity to determine the next steps.

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