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I help business owners, like YOU, generate consistent and qualified leads with Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads.

"Glynda helped me create a system. Improved the quality of my brand, and I hire her on a consistent basis. 5 Stars"

Taneka, TBS Tax Services

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Hey You!

I'm Glynda!  As a Facebook Ads Consultant my job is to help business owners generate consistent, qualified leads with Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Social Media.

Get Strategic

Trying to reach your ideal client in the online space can be overwhelming and down right exhausting.

*Are you tired of trying to figure out how to actually make successful Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads?

*Do you lack a  proven process to generate qualified leads on Facebook and Instagram?

*Are you frustrated with trying to find a Facebook Ads Consultant that is knowledgable in how Social Media actually works?


Then click below to schedule a consultation with me to determine the gaps in your Facebook Ad and Instagram Ad marketing strategy. 

Meanwhile on the gram...

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