3 Ways to Increase Your Followers with Your Instagram Bio

Your Instagram Bio on your Instagram account is the same thing as your Homepage for your website. This is the introduction to who you and your brand are. A study from Missouri University of Science and Technology states that in less than 3 seconds an online viewer makes a first impression AND a follow up 2nd impression on a profile, website or social media account.

When someone views your profile your Instagram Bio is the first thing that they see. Your Instagram Bio should promote how your business makes your customers win. The Instagram Bio should show off your brands uniqueness. The Instagram Bio should also prompt people to take action with you. You want to capture the casual lurker and current followers attention so that they need to see more of what you have to offer.

What does your Instagram Bio say about your business?

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Your Instagram Bio Should Promote Your Business

Take a few seconds to go read your Instagram Bio. It's okay, I will wait. Now that you have reviewed your Instagram Bio does it tell us what you do? This space is prime real estate to promoting your services, products, and the wins they promise customers. Make it brief but be sure to include what you do and how you do it.

I suggest writing the statement out just to get it out of your head and on to the paper. Then count the amount of words used or use a website like me. In the Instagram Bio you are only allowed to use 150 characters.

Then begin using a Thesaurus to substitute words and phrases in your statement to make the most of your 150 characters. Maya Elious does a fantastic job of this.

You know that from her Instagram Bio she helps women KILL IT in business and master their message. Doesn't that just grab you and you make you want to sign up to be helped by her??!!!

4 Important Parts of the Instagram Bio that promotes

Name and Username Sections

The Name and Username Sections of the Instagram Bio are searchable. This means that whatever words you put here can make your profile show up in a search that another user conducts.

Ding, ding, ding!!! That's right Alex!

You want to make sure that your USERNAME represents your business name. It should match as closely as possible. But that NAME section...oh yes.

This section of your Instagram Bio is searchable and a PRO TIP here is to make the words here resemble a keyword term that your business is known for.

For example:

1. Brand Strategist

2. Social Media Manager

3. Wedding Photographer

4. Wife Coach

5. Cosmetologist

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Link Section

This section of the Instagram Bio should include a way to connect to you. People commonly use the link here to bring followers to a landing page or a website. You can create your own landing page. The landing page can be to a particular event or a specific product or service. You can use a free