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Intensive and VIP Days

Frustrated with the tech of setting up Facebook Ads in Facebook Ads Manager?
Or maybe you're overwhelmed with creating the strategy to get the "right ad" with your offer in front of the "right audience"? 

Intensive and VIP Day

These sessions can be used to layout a launch strategy, audit Social Media Accounts and Facebook Ads previously setup, and teach how to run basic a Conversion Facebook Ad and setup retargeting ads.  What can be completed during these sessions depends on the package chosen. Intensives are 3 hours long and VIP Days are 6 hours long.

This is how we work


Before you can actually schedule this call you have to answer a series of questions that do two things:  1. It jump-starts your mind going about what your business is actually lacking in the digital marketing arena.  2. It provides me much-needed insight into where your gaps are.


  • If you are struggling with determining the "right" things to post on Social Media to attract your ideal clients. 

  • You are frustrated and all of the ideas when it comes down to determining what content to post and where to post it.

  • You are overwhelmed with the tech required to set up Facebook Ads and you need one on one help. 

  • If you know how to set up Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, but you need help crafting a strategy to pull in more qualified leads.

  • If you have set up your Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, but you want to review their performance and improve their optimization to consistently attract more qualified clients.

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