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Making Biscuits and the #ConsistencyChallenge


2 cups of flour

½ cup of butter

¾ cups of buttermilk or milk

Melted butter

No this isn’t a recipe blog post.

When my uncle first started his job working in the kitchen for the army he had to make biscuits everyday for 90 days for thousands of people and he could not get flour on his boots. When he told me this story my mouth hit the floor.

I have been making biscuits once a week for 4 weeks. Practicing my technique. Getting more strategic.

Oh, best believe I have been analyzing the situation. There are many reasons why they haven’t turned out nearly perfect like I want them.

We recently moved. During the move I got rid of most of kitchen supplies so I was missing certain things like biscuit cutters, pastry cutters, rolling pin, etc.

Also the first time I made the biscuits my dough wasn’t wet enough. I had also been rolling the dough out too thin with a plastic cup.

So again VARIOUS reasons why the QUALITY was off with the biscuits.

To be honest when he told me that he made all those biscuits every day for 90 days I thought man I need to practice more! It motivated me.

I thought that I was consistently practicing the art of biscuit making.

Naw, he had me beat!

I often joke with my husband that I want to be a master a biscuit maker at Bojangles just so I can learn how to consistently make their big buttery biscuits.

But listening to my uncle apparently I can become a Master Biscuit maker right in my own kitchen. He gave me a few more tips on how to get the best biscuits. Then I told him the folding techniques that I learned on a popular blog,, that will help me create more layers in my biscuits because everybody needs lots of buttery layers. Then I decided I was making more biscuits the next day to practice.

Well those biscuits were not nearly perfect either.

They were better, but not nearly perfect biscuits.

The main things that I could see that were missing was me having the right supplies for the biscuits.

Like a biscuit cutter because using the wine glass to cut the biscuits sealed the edges and prevented them from rising to form lots of buttery layers. Found that out here:

Parchment paper or a silicon baking mat so that my biscuits wouldn’t burn on the bottom. I sprayed Bakers Joy on the pan the biscuits would brown really bad on the bottom.

So I had already made up in my mind what I needed to do.

No sooner than I made my mind up all my missing tools showed up via Mother’s Day gifts!

Wednesday was the day. I was so excited. I woke up early and started my day.

Ya’ll my biscuits are nearly perfect. I planned, prepared, practiced, tweaked, and executed consistently until I achieved the results that I was looking for.

Now my uncle and one of my favorite bloggers were talking about the same things here.

It hit me that night when my uncle told me had to make thousands of biscuits (with help of course) for 90 days straight until he got the right. I was already practicing consistency, but could have I have been doing more?

On last Wednesday, May 6, Mattie James got on Instagram LIVE challenged us all to get our lives right in teh area of showing up consistently for our audience. Mattie James is a Lifestyle influencer; however she also teaches other women how to secure the bag when it comes to being an influencer. Check her out here: and .

Per the campaigns that she posts frequently about on her blog and on Instagram and the interviews that she does on Podcasts, TV Shows, and other peoples/businesses blogs she is great at what she does and she makes good money doing it too.

Some of the brands she has represented are: JCPenny, Gerber, Google, and YouTube Kids.

Some of the places she has been featured in are Atlanta Journal Constitution, Business Insider, Xonecole, BET, and the Black Love docu series. Mattie attributes this success to be CON-SIST-ENT.

Read that again.

Now let it sink in.

She snatched our edges one afternoon by saying,".. if you can’t consistently post on your own feed why would anyone pay you to post."


Now that you have gathered yourself...back to the challenge.

The challenge consists of you posting everyday for the month of May on your Instagram feed.

If you post everyday and use the hashtags #consistencypays and #consistencychallenge plus join the accompanying Facebook Group you will be entered into a drawing for $1000.

Now Mattie did say give yourself grace. If you miss posting once try hard to not let it happen again. This is a win win all the way around right? I post consistently increase my impact and influence on the Gram.

Making myself more visible to my potential Ideal Clients and then I potentially win $1000.

So I am all in!

Just to be clear though being consistent according to Webster,, means to:

Like I don’t want to just consistently post.

I want to consistently post high quality content that consistently serves my ideal clients.

I am ready to go! So far I have planned my content out for the rest of this week and created a template that I can use for the next 90 days. I just need to fill in the pieces and gather or take more photos. I have also been taking notes of apps that I can use to enhance my in Feed posts as well as stories. My commitment is to post between 5 to 7 times a week on my Instagram Feed, 3 stories in Instagram Stories per day, and 1 blog post a week.

Last week I did not post on the blog, but the goal is that each week I will add on something else. So eventually I hope to post between 2 to 3 times a week and blog 1-2 times a week. The biggest thing that I see most people struggling with is creating the content. Not knowing what to post or when to post it. Hopefully the fact that I have listed out my topics/themes I will be able to create content more efficiently.

I have planned, prepared, and I am now ready to execute.

Here's to consistency and nearly perfect homemade biscuits!

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