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15 Ways to Increase Your Black Friday or Launch Sales- Part I

Are you struggling with trying to figure out exactly how to increase your Black Friday or Course Launch Sales (in the middle of a pandemic)?

I mean with all that's going on AND Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Giving Sunday, and Cyber Monday all right around the corner you may be a little behind on how to actually bring in the Black Friday sales. And that's okay friend.

Also, let me reassure you people will be shopping during this Christmas Season. The data is already showing that yes people are buying gifts.

One thing that has held true throughout the Pandemic is that people are also interested in changing their lives for the better. People are starting new careers, opening businesses, learning new skills, and trying their best to come out on the other side of this in a better place. So if you weren't sure you should be sure that people are looking and are ready to buy.

So today, I'm going to share with you 7 Ways of the 15 Ways to Increase Your Black Friday Sales. PRO Tip: these same tips can be used to increase the sales of your Course Launches.

  1. Take the lead just like your favorite companies and EMAIL your list to let them know that you're having a sale. You don't have to give specifics on what the deals actually are, but inform your email list that you plan on having a sale for Black Friday. Invite them to click a button to join a separate Black Friday List or to be tagged for further segmentation. Send the email early in the day and resend it to people that have not opened the emails later that day.

  2. Announce it on your social media. Talk about it in your feed and on your Stories. Only a certain percentage of your actual followers see your content so you want to make sure that you announce it often.

  3. Optimize your Social Media Banners and bios to mention the sale. Be sure to provide a relevant Call to Action so that the customer can get more info about the sale.

4. Decide on an offer. Make your mind up about what you're going to sell. Yurp, you probably aren't really sure what to offer. Use this as a chance to recycle previously created content. You can also bundle content. You do not have to actually lower the price of any of your services or products.

5. Set a goal for what’s being sold and track the numbers. You can most definitely use SMART goals here. Hootsuite recommends, writing your goals down to help you chart your course and increases the chances that you actually accomplish what you set out to do. Also, you want to keep track of what is being sold and how. You want to be able to look at your data to determine what is or is not working. This allows you to make a wise decision on whether to scale or trash the effort.

6. Create custom graphics. Make the sale an event. Use Canva and Pinterest to draft some temporary holiday color palettes and give your Social Media an upgrade. You can always use your normal brand colors, but add Holiday related words, stickers, and elements.

7. Go LIVE. Go LIVE on your platforms as often as you can giving relevant and valuable content. Make sure the content is related to your offers/sales. Also, be sure to introduce yourself at the beginning of the LIVE and at the end. You may have new followers and you want them to get to know you so that they feel comfortable making a purchase. You want to be sure to give a strong Call to Action to have people sign up for the waitlist or purchase your offers.

Now I typically help course creators launch and scale their courses with Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads. To be the first to gain access to my Black Friday Offers click here to join the Black Friday VIP List.

Soon I will be sharing with you 8 more steps to increase your Black Friday (or Course Launch) sales. Join the VIP List above to be notified when the new post drops.

Share your Black Friday offer with me below. Good luck with your Black Friday offers!

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