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Instagram Update: Reels, Instagram’s Answer for TikTok

Sooooo….in case you have been ignoring updating your phone you should run and do it now to tap into the latest Instagram Update. Instagram has released Reels as “a new way to create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram”.

Tiktok has been in the news a LOT recently.

From being the #1 download in the app stores. To being banned in a few countries and tons of talk about it being banned here in the US. There has been tons of buzz in these internet streets for a while now in Tabout Instagram releasing its own version of TikToks.

Well honey the WAIT is over! Instagram Reels is HERE in the US as of August 5, 2020!

Check out my FIRST Reel here! Instagram has added another option to the already popular app.

What is Reels

You can create 15-second video clips with effects, audio, music, and text within the Instagram App. This is very similar to the popular app TikTok.

Where can I find Reels

You can find Reels in the Explorer tab, in your feed if you have recorded or saved any, or in Instagram Stories/Instagram Camera.

Check out this video here to SHOW you were.

Who Can Use Reels

Everybody can and should use Reels. Reels are a great way to showcase your personality and quickly share insight into your business and the products and services you offer.

Everybody does not have the ability to add music; however, you can use apps like Inshot or your computer to create short 15 second videos that include music.

Many videos are uploaded to TikTok and Instagram Reels without music. They will however include effects such as filters and text.

The word on the street is that it’s a glitch and that music will be available to everyone with another update to the app.

Things to Remember

  1. If your account is not public your videos can only be shared via Instagram Stories or in the DMs.

  2. If your account is public then your video will be shared to the Explorer tab on Instagram where you can be discovered by millions of other users. Also, Instagram does choose certain Reels videos to be Featured and they will give your video an extra boost in the Explorer.

  3. You can repurpose previously created TikTok Videos and use them on the platform here.

  4. You can share links to the individual videos with your audience in your Instagram Stories, emails, or blog posts like the ones I have shared here.

  5. These videos are meant to be fun, but they can be curated to match your brand by using fonts, colors, and topics that represent your brand and core values.

Here are 3 Ways to Get Started Today

Quit wasting time and make a quick 15-second video then share to your FEED and to Reels.

  1. Share your morning routine.

  2. Share what you're eating today.

  3. Share 3 mistakes that people make that results in them needing your product or service.

Share with me in the comments the topic for your first Instagram Reels video and any questions you may have about using Instagram Reels.

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