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Ads In Action: Instagram Stories Ad Example - Danielle Leslie

Danielle Leslie runs a TON of Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Instagram Stories Ads. Her ads are mostly a great example of what to do when it comes down to creating a Facebook Ad Campaign. And let me be clear I only say mostly because I haven’t seen all of her ads.

When you go to her Facebook Ads Library on Facebook you will see that she has tons of ads that she has run. Now the Ads Library doesn’t tell you if the ads are currently running, but best believe her and her Facebook Ads Consultant knows what they are doing and they are comfortable with testing.

Now on to the review.

Danielle Leslie is a business owner that helps people launch profitable products online, She gained tons of notoriety for her signature off, Courses From Scratch. She actually just opened up a new course for the first time in years, Course Alchemy. Whispers: the course is actually going to include lessons on using Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Now I am used to seeing Danielle Leslie run across my feed or in my stories, but this Instagram Ad made me stop because I didn’t recognize the face on the ad. Also, the person looked like me, a black woman thus further piquing my interest to check it out.

I am going to review with you five things that stuck out to me right away in her image in the copy before I even hit the “see more” button at the bottom.

1. Image:

  1. The image represents her typical student and target audience/client: women. Her bio says all people. While I am sure she will take all people most of the testimonials on her site are women.

  2. The text mentions that "2020 has been kind of an insane so far..." So the image is of a lady trying to achieve peace because the year has been trash for her. And she has been stressed.

2. Copy(text):

  1. The copy starts by stating the problem. Not only does the image have to stop people dead in their tracks so does the copy. By mentioning the problem first in your Facebook Ad and Instagram Ad copy it will immediately draw the reader into what you are talking about.

  2. She further draws in the reader by agitating their problem in the second sentence. All of this is done BEFORE they even hit See More on the ad.

  3. It’s important to make sure your Copy is also visually appealing. She does this by inserting a line break in between the sentences. She also inserts an emoji here to go with the text. Emoji’s also have shown to really connect with people and add a touch of personalization when they see ads. (See image above.) We see Emoji's everywhere these text messages and emails.

To wrap things up, your images/videos and copy have to both be appealing to make people stop scrolling and pay attention. The way this can be achieved is starting the copy off by stating the problem then agitating the problem.

Use line breaks to break up sentences and paragraphs. Some customers will not be bothered with tons of text in one big paragraph. But others will be annoyed, click off, and never pay for your offer. Some Facebook Ad Consultants add relevant emojis to gain the customer's attention. Your images, videos, and the copy can be simple, but they must be intentional. Shout out to Danielle's Facebook Ads Consultant for an amazing ad!

What questions do you have about Facebook Ad Images and Videos? Need help with Facebook and Instagram Ads, download my Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads .

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