Say Happy Birthday with 4 Unique Facebook Ad Targeting Techniques

March is MY golden month! Facebook Ads Manager actually has 4 unique targeting techniques that you can use to target new Ideal Clients or send gifts to seasoned clients.

And yep that's right I was born in the spring, and this year I am celebrating in the house (see why here).

About a few days before my big day I was scrolling the Book aka Facebook and this popped up on my feed (ad from

The first thing that crossed my mind is awwww shucks now somebody is telling me happy birthday!

But wait a minute….who is telling me happy birthday via a Facebook ad?!

Apparently Mary Ruth Organics (and one other company) used a cool trick aka strategy to show up in prime real estate on my feed.

  1. I am pretty sure that I have never been on their websites.

  2. I am a little interested in their products.

Most people get this integral part of Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads strategy….WRONG.

They get the targeting all wrong.

They forget or in a lot of cases never even really know who their ideal clients are.

Tbh (to be honest) I would be interested in both regardless of it was my birthday.

But only two companies sent me Happy Birthday Facebook and Instagram Ads.

I know sad right….🙁

It’s actually quite laughable that only two companies took the chance to use a really simple, but highly potent technique in their Facebook and Instagram Ads strategy.

So let’s get to it.

In 2017 Facebook introduced this really dope technique.

All of these are wrapped up into 3 categories in the Facebook Ads Manager.

The three categories are Demographics, Interests, and Behaviors.