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Say Happy Birthday with 4 Unique Facebook Ad Targeting Techniques

March is MY golden month! Facebook Ads Manager actually has 4 unique targeting techniques that you can use to target new Ideal Clients or send gifts to seasoned clients.

And yep that's right I was born in the spring, and this year I am celebrating in the house (see why here).

About a few days before my big day I was scrolling the Book aka Facebook and this popped up on my feed (ad from

The first thing that crossed my mind is awwww shucks now somebody is telling me happy birthday!

But wait a minute….who is telling me happy birthday via a Facebook ad?!

Apparently Mary Ruth Organics (and one other company) used a cool trick aka strategy to show up in prime real estate on my feed.

  1. I am pretty sure that I have never been on their websites.

  2. I am a little interested in their products.

Most people get this integral part of Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads strategy….WRONG.

They get the targeting all wrong.

They forget or in a lot of cases never even really know who their ideal clients are.

Tbh (to be honest) I would be interested in both regardless of it was my birthday.

But only two companies sent me Happy Birthday Facebook and Instagram Ads.

I know sad right….🙁

It’s actually quite laughable that only two companies took the chance to use a really simple, but highly potent technique in their Facebook and Instagram Ads strategy.

So let’s get to it.

In 2017 Facebook introduced this really dope technique.

All of these are wrapped up into 3 categories in the Facebook Ads Manager.

The three categories are Demographics, Interests, and Behaviors.

Surprisingly most people don’t even realize all the options that you have folded up in those options.

Birthdays are BIG business.

Now certain ones are more important, you know milestone birthdays: 1, 18, 21, 30, 40, etc.

Some people are really low key on their birthdays.

Some parents go over the top with a capital “T” with all the Pinterest party ideas.

And maybe that’s me sometimes too.🙄

But to ALL parents EVERY birthday is special.

Birthdays are not just a time for business but it’s also a time to celebrate, to treat yourself, reminisce on the past, welcome the future, and take time for your self.

Check out the data from this article from the Ads boss themselves, Facebook.

Now be many of your favorite stores send you birthday emails with discounts and freebies?

So imagine my surprise when I am scrolling my Facebook feed minding my own business and this ad pops up.

I was excited.

I felt special.

I felt seen!

But most importantly I was curious as to who was taking the time to say Happy Birthday to little old me!

So I did what all the birthday girls do when they see a birthday message...I headed straight to their website to see who sent me a birthday gift.

And that my friend is what you want your Ideal Clients that make up your Facebook Ad Audience up to do.

You want them to head over to your website, take advantage of the present that you are sending them, and make a purchase!

And do not get it twisted targeting people based on their birthday is not only for product-based businesses.

This technique, this strategy, is for service-based businesses too!

Introduce brand new people to you and your brand by giving them a gift to try out your services.

Go back up to the top of this post and revisit what I said about targeting and that it is the number one reason why Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads fail.

I would just like to tell you, friend, there are actually four ways to target your audience by birthdays.

Here’s a recap of the video in case you didn’t watch it.

First, head over to Facebook Ads Manager and set up your ad.

When you reach the Ad Set section head on down to the Detailed Targeting area.

Click on the Browse button.

Then click on browse then select Demographics.

Then select Life Events.

Then select Birthday.

You will then see two options: Birthday Month or Upcoming Birthday.

Click on Birthday Month.

Click on Upcoming Birthday.

Go back up to the top click on the triangle next to Birthday and click on "Friends of" to target the friends of people with upcoming birthdays.

Again if you need to actually see how it all plays out click here.

Now let’s get on to the fourth way to target the birthday people!

You wouldn’t believe it, but you actually scrolled past the first option.

(insert pic)

You should go to the Age area in this same section.

You can select the same age for the start and end of the age range section.

This way is a little less guaranteed to capture people closer to their birthdays.

You should go to the Age area in this same section.

You can select the same age for the start and end of the age range section.

Or if you want people celebrating their 21st birthday then you would select the age range of 20 to 20 year olds.

This way is a little less guaranteed to capture people closer to their birthdays.

You can select other targeting options like location or a specific interest that relates to your business or you can combine it with one of the other birthday options above to help you get more detailed in reaching ideal clients that are actually experiencing a birthday soon.

Let me say it again, the number one reason Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads fail is because the targeting is all wrong.

The ads are being shown to the wrong audiences.

PRO TIP: Set this up as an EVERGREEN Facebook Ad. This ad can run on it's own all the time. Why? Because it's always someone's birthday.

I got to tell you the only thing I was wondering after I saw the first ad was why in the world didn’t Krispy Kreme send me a Happy Birthday Ad?!

I would have for sure used it especially if the HOT NOW sign was on!

Just saying!

Will you be using this Facebook Ad and Instagram Ad audience targeting technique?

Tell me in the comments what will you offer your clients?

Need help deciding? Go here to schedule a call, , so we can chat about it!

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