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Email List Building with Facebook Ads: A Group Program Situation

For a long time, I have wanted to create a group program that helps business owners build their email list with Facebook Ads. The thought is having someone walk you through how to set up an ad in real-time will help eliminate some of the frustration that comes from trying to set up a Facebook Ads Campaign without help.

Now if you want to just skip the whole article and join the group...

Click here to join the List Building with Facebook Ads Group.

Now here are a few details about the Group. Going to do my best to keep it brief. Of course, if you have questions then just comment below and I will hit you back with an answer asap.


1. Biz owners that want to hire out Facebook Ads service, but want to LEARN ADS.

2. Biz owners that are curious about using Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, but want to test it out

3. Biz owners that want to hire me for Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, but are currently able to financially


I am going to hold your hand and walk you through the ENTIRE process to setup an Email List Building Facebook and Instagram Ads Campaign.

You, my friend, are going to ask me ALL THE QUESTIONS and I'm going to answer all of them.


1. how to put the ad together (the tech) 2. show you how to create images and copy that get you noticed 3. dive deep into targeting (the #1 reason ads fail) 4. show you a few of my strategies that drive results for my clients 5. and most importantly let you ask ALL the questions so that I can answer EVERY LAST ONE of them

So it’s not just the tech. You’re going to set the ad up, let it run, then I’m going to show you how to know if the ad isn’t working and how to fix it.


1. It's a 6-week group program

2. There will be a Facebook Ad group

3. There will be some LIVE training. You will be to ask all the questions

4. The group program is one payment of $497 or 4 payments of $130

5. We start August 1


1. A Facebook Ad and Instagram Ad that's set up to bring you qualified leads on autopilot

2. Knowledge of how to tell if the ads are performing well

3. Confidence to know how to setup MORE Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads on your own

4. Strategies, swipe files, examples that have been tried and tested Whhhheewwwweee!!! That's it! So if you want in, just click here. Questions...comment!

When I was learning how to run Facebook and Instagram Ads I wanted I needed to apply what I was learning. So I figured THIS would be more helpful than holding a workshop. What questions do you have about building an Email List? Share them in the comments.

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