How to Dominate Facebook Ads with 3 Custom Audiences

As a Facebook Ads Consultant I see tons of ads fail and succeed for many different reasons.

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One of the most common reasons they fail AND succeed is based on audience targeting.

Obviously, if you are not targeting the right people with your ads then your ads will fail.

One of the most unique ways that you can use Facebook Ads is to target the right people is to create custom audiences based on how people have previously interacted or engaged with you, your business, and your Social Media profiles.

Here are all of the custom audiences that Facebook Ads Manager gives you to choose from.

Custom Audience setup in Facebook Ads Manager

The first custom audience that is my favorite allows you to target people that have engaged with your business Instagram. In case you are wondering, yes, Facebook Ads Manager controls the paid advertising for the Instagram platform. The second important part of using this audience it to have an Instagram Business account.

Now I have seen this debate A LOT on social media...should I have an Instagram Business account or should I keep my Instagram account private. There are definite benefits to both. And running Facebook/Instagram ads is definitely a big benefit of having an Instagram Business Account.

Under the custom audience option, Instagram Business profile Facebook Ads manager lists 5 individual types of engagement that can be targeted.

Here they are:

1. Everyone who engaged with your business.

2. Anyone who visited your business profile.

3. People who engaged with any post or ad.

4. People who sent a message to your business profile.

5. People who saved any post or ad.

Instagram Business Profile Engagement Custom Audience setup in Facebook Ads Manager

Now if you can’t decide which audience that you want to target with this custom audience then you can choose the option to “Target Everyone that Has Engaged” with your business profile.

The thought here is that people that have engaged with your Instagram Business Profile are not just interested in how pretty and curated your Social Media feed is, but they are also interested in you, your content, what you have to say, and HOW you are going to help them.

I will have to say as a Facebook Ads Consultant that is super active on Instagram, THIS audience is my favorite of the 3 mentioned here.

Being able to target people that slide into your Direct Messages (DMs) is amazing! This is a great way to way to interact with people that have picked your brain via the DMs.

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** Bonus Tip** create a string of I