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New Instagram Feature: Pin Instagram Comments

Instagram is constantly changing, right? Well, they have rolled out a new feature to all users that gives you the ability to pin comments on your post.

Instagram has been rolling out new enhancements and features over the years to help with cyberbullying and harassment. I am sure that with the country's current climate there have been numerous reasons to want to pin positive comments and delete others.

In the end, Instagram wants its users to be happy so that they continue to use the app. Giving you more control over the tone of the conversation that happens on your posts and feed is just one way they are trying to ensure you stay happy while using the app,

Now let's take a look at this new Instagram Feature.

In order to pin a comment, you should swipe left on the comment pin.

Choose a comment to pin, then swipe left on that comment.

Select the pushpin icon to pin the comment.

Things to note:

  1. The person whose comment has been pinned will receive a notification that their comment has been pinned.

  2. The Pinned Comment can be deleted at any time.

  3. You can Pin up to 3 comments on one post.

  4. Other options for comments include: Replying, Reporting, and Deleting the selected Comment.

Now of course there are several ways this can be used for your business. Can you think of any? Share them below.

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