How to Create Content Buckets for Instagram Content

This is the first part in a series on creating content for Instagram. This simple method is one that I share with clients that are struggling with figuring out what to post on Instagram.

This method helps them ALWAYS know what to content to post on Instagram.

What's the real issue here?

This my dear is an age-old question. What do I post on the Gram? In this series, I will share with you my simple method for determining what to post on Instagram. How to Crack the Code on What to Post on Instagram reveals the first step in the process.

Not knowing what to post on Instagram prevents people from posting. Heck, it's even prevented me from posting before. When your struggling with this the idea of what to say can consume you to the point that you end up not posting anything. I mean what in the world are you going to say?

It consumes people though because you just want to get it right. You want to say the right thing at the right time in the right way. Whatever it is you say...IT'S GOT TO BE RIGHT!

Can I get an Amen?!

What's even more unnerving is if you don't post how will people get to know you. If they don't know you then they will not buy from you or use your products and services. How will they connect with you if they never hear from you?

This insatiable need to get it all RIGHT ALL the time is holding us I mean you back. In more ways than one. Let me get back on topic here...deciding what to post on Instagram. As a Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads consultant (and former social media manager that still dabbles in it) clients will ask me during a strategy session about what they should be posting during a launch. When they come to me with this question I normally start by asking them three questions then the plan follows.

Who are you really?

The crux to the entire process is deciding what do you want to be known for on the Gram. Like for real stop what you're doing and ask yourself this. "What do I want to be known for?" "What are my values, interests, likes, behaviors?" Wow! It sounds like I am asking you questions so we can get to know your audience to run a Facebook and Instagram Ad. To be honest it's very similar. When my clients run Facebook Ads I have them complete an ideal client form. The form asks detailed questions about your Ideal Clients attributes, likes, and behaviors. You will then use that info to create audiences to show your Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads to. People want to get to know and what you are about before spending money with you. If you are an influencer brands want to know that you align with their companies mission/purpose and their values before sending their customers to you showing that the two of you are in partnership together. Especially as of late how many companies, influencers, entertainers, etc have been canceled because either the people decided the brand/company did not align or the other way around the brand/company felt like the person did not align with their core values?

TAKE ACTION: Decide and write down 2-3 attributes that you want to be known for. See below for examples.

All of the ladies above generally make posts about what they say they are about in their Instagram bio. If you scroll the last nine posts in their profiles more than likely you will find multiple mentions of the content buckets listed in their bios. Your bio should do the same.

As an influencer, you would want to think about what brands do I want to work for and what kind of people are into those brands. Lastly, you will want to consider what are the beliefs and values of the people that like those brands. What do they use those brands for? What do THOSE people like to see? What are they interested in? The brand's customers are ultimately your customers.